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Company David snc can sell the Arno Witgert Gmbh clays products thanks to an agreement with Deramika in Reggello FI.

The company Arno Witgert has been mining clays since 1820 and is thus the oldest clay mining operation in the Westerwald area of Germany. In recent decades the trend has been to process quarried clays into ceramic bodies.

Customers include manufacturers of wall- and floor-tiles, roof-tiles, backing bricks, facing bricks and clinkers, sanitary- and tableware, stove tiles, electroceramics, abrasives, refractories and Technical Ceramics, building materials and colorants. In most cases customer-specific blends are developed in our own laboratory, in order to take particular user-requirements into account. Clays and clay-blends can be delivered in all forms: shredded, milled, roller milled, granulated, plastic and slurred.