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David snc regularly collaborates with some research institutes (many of them are the public ones) to define problems and objectives, which our own clients mean to develop.

We have many different Italian and foreign partners for each field of interest in the business of our suppliers' mineral products, who are able to contribute, with specific analysis, towards the research we develop with/on behalf of our clients.

These institutes are provided with the most advanced equipment and tools for in-depth, accurate analysis of physical and chemical phenomena, which are presented to us by our customers.

Petroceramics Spa - It's a "Spin-off" of the University in Milan. Petroceramics has its offices in the Kilometro Rosso, near Bergamo, and it's composed by firms of primary importance in the advanced ceramics sector and in that of petrology applied to building industry (www.petroceramics.com)

Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro di Murano - It's not only the reference research centre in the glass sector in Italy, but also one of the highly qualified centres of excellence at international level (www.spevetro.it)

Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra dell’Università di Modena - Historically this institute is near the ceramic sector of Sassuolo. It follows at the same rate the technological development of ceramic tiles production, giving not only important contributions towards the search of materials, but also innovative technological solutions (www.terra.unimo.it)

Anzaplan Gmbh - This private research institute of Dorfner Group is internationally recognized as a research centre of excellence, specialized in the search of high purity minerals. Anzaplan means to study these minerals and their purification process in order to introduce their application in the most advanced industrial uses (www.anzaplan.com)