David snc. Minerals

Viale Agnini n.76 int.32
"Direzionale Favorita"
41037 Mirandola MO
Tel. +39.0535.664372
Fax +39.0535.607819
Email: info@davidsnc.it


David snc provides industrial raw materials, made strong by its over twenty years matured experience in the technical-commercial service of important European mining groups.

Our activity includes: the research of mineral resources, the study of beneficiation and transformation process of minerals, and the introduction of these products in the production lines of our customers.

The closeness to our clients and the knowledge of production chains in many different industrial sectors make us qualified and reliable partners.

David snc proposes itself not only as a simple minerals supplier, but also as a partner for projects, which have to be studied according to client's specific demands, working side by side in order to the beneficiation of mineral based on the features requested by the customer.

David snc has selected for you first-tier producers in Europe as regards the supplying of industrial minerals. Our suppliers are also transformers, who are able to guarantee high-quality levels and more and more personalized solutions.

David snc collaborates with some important public and private research institutes, in order to have the analytical support, which is necessary to an in-depth comprehension of the problems our client has to solve.

Our ability to organize a good logistics completes the necessary skills to guarantee an entirely satisfactory supplying to our customers. We prearrange transports by rail, by sea and by road; for some products we guarantee the storage in dedicated warehouses.