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Dolomite in grain size

Dolomite is a calcium-magnesium carbonate.
Dolomite in grain size between 0-2,5 mm is delivered to several industries, due to is high standard of quality.
- Raw material for production of high-quality, highly transparent and clear glass.
- Agricultural mineral feed or additive
- Water treatment material
- Blasting abrasive
- Biological building material

Chemical Composition: Ca Mg(CO3)2
Density: 2,88 g/cm³
Mohs hardness: 3,5-4 Mohs
pH 10

Dolomite flour and powder

Dolomite is produced in flour and powder in grain size between 20 and 90 microns. Due to high purity level, homogeneity, the light color and very low iron content, there powders are perfectly suitable for a wide range of applications: 
- Raw material in mixture for enamels and glaze in ceramic industries
- Filler for polymers, pigments and coatings
- For adjusting pH values in chemical, textile and leather industries
- Base for gently abrasive and detergents
- Additive for building chemicals
- Agricultural feed or additive (dioxin-free)
- For biomass gasification

Calcinated Dolomite

Calcinated dolomite is produced as an ideal material in different areas of application: 
- Deacidification and hardness increase of water
- Water treatment plants are using to introduce calcium and magnesium to waste water and sewage sluds in which inhibits production of floating sludge.
- Calcium reactors of aquarium
- Neutralizing acid waste and emissions
- Glass and metallurgical industries