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David snc with Dolomitwerk Jettenberg

Thanks to its high level of purity and homogeneity, the dolomite deposit in Jettenberg quarry is rated among the very best in the world. The Schöndorfer family started his activities more than five decades ago and set up the dolomite mine and Jettenberg dolomite plant near the village of Schneizlreuth.

The company carries out all mining and processing of dolomite with the littlest environmental impact, according to the latest technical standards.
The family enterprise's name has always been associated with competence, high productivity and quality.

Schöndorfer attaches great importance to deal with the customers on a personal and cooperative level.

The customer requests are satisfied efficiently and without delay. Moreover, the company is able to process both to individual demands and complex project.

All customers value the company as an experienced and flexible partner as well as an efficient and reliable supplier of dolomite, both in national and international markets.

The management system is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 50001 and complies with international standards.

Dolomite is a natural mineral. During the production process there is not added any other component. Dolomite powders are produced by dry, iron free grinding of crushed dolomite, followed by air classification. Dolomite powders are available in different grain sizes.

The products are characterized by a high content of dolomite and a very low content of Fe2O3.

Dolomite is commonly used for the production of glass and ceramics. It can also be used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and as a supplement for animal feed. Moreover, it is used as an aggregate for concrete and bitumen.

Crushed dolomite is available in different grain sizes. It is produced by crushing and classification of natural dolomite.