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David snc with Dorfner

Refiner of kaolin and crystalline quartz sand.
With its ranges of refined industrial minerals and intelligent filling material systems, Dorfner opens up new product perspectives for numerous industries. From our own deposits we open-cast mine kaolin and crystalline quartz sand, from which we then produce finest quality industrial minerals through a variety of highly sophisticated refining processes. As functional filling materials they are used in paints, construction materials and composite materials, as well as in many other areas of industry where they form a basis from which producers and processors alike can optimize their product recipes.

From a regional mining specialist to a global supplier
Anyone who visits any of our sites will see the same passion which moved company founders Hermann Dorfner und Florian Dorfner in 1895 to go out and change the world. In their own way, even then they were driven by the idea of “Together more Future”.

For more information you can link on www.dorfner.de

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