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Applications -Floorings

The market speaks Dorfner.
When you are talking about industrial and commercial flooring, you soon realize that the expectations of customers, architects, flooring installers and users are all focused on the same set of goals: durability in every sense of the term, attractive design, workability and low cost. For more than 30 years, the basic filler materials and formulated additive systems for self-leveling screeds and trowel-finish screeds from Dorfner have been the byword for quality, progress and economy in this segment. 
On millions of square meters of flooring, Dorfner DORSILIT®, DORSIMIX®, GRANUCOL®, MELADUR® and DORSIDUR® brand filler materials provide not only grip and durability for industrial and commercial flooring, but they also offer the outstanding designs and attractive color schemes required to satisfy the discerning aesthetic requirements of consumers.

DORSILIT® crystal quartz sand: hard and pure with a uniform light gray color for reproducible results.

Perfectly spheroidal, round-shaped quartz grains for fast and effort-saving processing.