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Applications - Glass

Raw materials and service for the Italian glass industry.

High Purity quartz sands for glass
David snc is proposing to serve the Italian glass industry with high purity quartz sand. The glass sands are free of residuary flotation chemicals or other auxiliary agents since only physical preparation procedures are applied.
David snc high purity quartz sands are characterized by their very low iron, chrome and titanium content.
These sands are available with different grade under 100 ppm of iron content. All these grade are ideal for crystal glass and technical glass production due to their absolute absence of impurity.
Production process are following only physical depuration steps: therefore our high purity quartz sands are chemical free. This factor is high appreciate in technical glass production.

Dolomite from Jettenberg is well known in Europe for being rated among the very best in the world: the dolomite content amounts to more than 99%, the stoichiometric ratio is 1.0, the rate of inorganic and organic accompanying substances far less than 1% and the iron content (Fe2O3) is significant lower than 0,02% (0,008 % on average). Thanks to deposit properties and proper mining and analysis process we can guarantee a high standard of quality. Dolomite from Jettenberg is used worldwide for very high quality glass production, highly transparent and clear glass. Superior quality are promoted by low iron and low decrepitation.

GH Luh synthetic graphite is appreciated in clear glass formulation while emulsions of graphite for the lubrication in the production of glass tableware complement our range for these productions.

Refractories for glass
The David snc works closely with the NARCO - North American Refractory Company, a world leader in the production and installation of refractories in the glass industry.
The Narco ANH is part of the group that brought together the AP Green, Narco and Harbison Walker.

Renovation and development of secondary raw materials from glass cullets
The David snc offers glassware of first and second processing its expertise to the development and reuse of waste products as secondary raw materials for other industrial applications.