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Kaolins and calcined kaolins

Dorfner refines its china clay to produce high-grade kaolins which have a high kaolinite content.
Elutriated and ground kaolins get conditioned by a multi-staged hydro cyclone classification.

High-purity Dorfner K1 and K11 kaolins produce a very white body during ceramic manufacturing. The well-balanced surface chemistry produces high-grade fine ceramic compounds.

Because of its very white firing colour Kaolin K 1 could be used for glazes, ceramic bodies and for production of frits.

Kaolin K11 is characterized by a pure-white firing colour and is mainly used for sanitary masses due to its excellent rheological properties.

Calcined kaolin made up of fine particles such as DORKAMUL® is often contained in glazing and compounds.

DORKAFILL® products line complete the offer for many applications. Dorfner has been serving Ceramic, Paper, Glass, Paint, Plastics, Flooring and Wall Plaster Industry for many decades with customized solutions using their in-depth R&D expertise giving added value through reproducible quality matching highest industry standards.

Furthermore Dorfner responded to growing demand with massive expansion of silo capacity for DORKAFILL® and DORKAMUL® products in the first half of 2012. In order to guarantee an ongoing high degree of flexibility, supply capability and on-time delivery, Dorfner has undertaken this investment in particular for their calcined kaolin specialties.