David snc. Minerals

Viale Agnini n.76 int.32
"Direzionale Favorita"
41037 Mirandola MO
Tel. +39.0535.664372
Fax +39.0535.607819
Email: info@davidsnc.it

Research and quality

David snc proposes itself not as a common industrial raw materials supplier, but as a collaborator near the customers, in the pursuit of technological solutions and in the sharing of the objectives of its researching.

David snc wants to play an active part in client's project, to which it adds its own specific knowledges, thanks to not only its flexibility and creativity, but also its important collaborations with specialized research centres.

David snc regularly collaborates with some research institutes (many of them are the public ones) to define problems and objectives, which our own clients mean to develop.

We have many different Italian and foreign partners for each field of interest in the business of our suppliers' mineral products, who are able to contribute, with specific analysis, towards the research we develop with/on behalf of our clients.

These institutes are provided with the most advanced equipment and tools for in-depth, accurate analysis of physical and chemical phenomena, which are presented to us by our customers.

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