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David snc with Schlingmeier Quarzsand Gmbh & co. KG

Schlingmeier Quarzsand is a mining company specialized in the extraction and processing of high-grade industrial silica sand. Our products are used as raw materials in numerous industries. The main markets are the glass industry, foundry industry and construction materials industry.

Quality characteristics
The most conspicuous characteristics of crystal quartz sand from Schlingmeier are both its high whiteness and brightness. The sand is free of wash residues and organic components. Another characteristic is its very high refractoriness (sintering point: >1550-1600 C).

Special grades
Extremely pure qualities with very low iron and titanium contents are produced with the help of both gravity separation and magnetic extraction. These grades satisfy even highest demands and are optimally approved glassmelting sands for the production of crystal glass, lead crystal, optical glass, special glass and fused silica.

Building industry - Blasting abrasives - Chemical industry - Ceramics industry - Electronics industry - Extenders - Foundry industry - Glass industry - Leisure and Sports - Refractory industry - Sanding and Spreading - Waterpurification - Zoological supplies

For more information you can link on www.schlingmeierquarzsand.de

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