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High purity silica sand

The silica quartz sands deposit of our partners are secondary deposits (sands and gravel) of sedimentary origin. The original rocks that generated quartz sands deposits were granites: after weathering process occurred in geological eras under a subtropical climate, feldspar was weather into kaolin, iron oxide was leached from the sand and taken away, while quartz remain as predominant phase. The fluvial transportation brought them to actual deposits. Quartz is known to be a very hard mineral and therefore quartz sands with rounded grains were enriched during rolling fluvial transport.
These sands are extracted in open pit or from below ground water level.

David snc is proposing to serve the Italian glass industry with high purity quartz sand. The glass sands are free of residuary flotation chemicals or other auxiliary agents since only physical preparation procedures are applied.
David snc high purity quartz sands are characterized by their very low iron, chrome and titanium content.
These sands are available with different grades always with SiO2 over 99,5% and iron content <100 ppm, <70 ppm, <50 ppm. All these grade are ideal for crystal glass and technical glass production due to their absolute absence of impurity.
Production process are following only physical depuration steps: therefore our high purity quartz sands are chemical free. This factor is high appreciate in technical glass production.

Crystal quartz sands on the other standard grades are characterized by a spheroid shape with rounded-off edges. Natural quartz sands are available in many different grain sizes, different colors from a uniform light grey shade to a bright white.
Typical applications and uses: glass, foundry, construction concrete industry, floors /screeds, cement bound floors, synthetic resin bound floors, fibre reinforced cement, concrete, polymer concrete, construction materials, chemicals industry, ceramic, refractory, water purification, blasting abrasives, gardening and landscaping, leisure and sports facilities, filler for composite materials.